December 27, 2012


With Sesame seeds
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Sharon Wolff

This delight is frequently served at Chinese buffet restaurants. It brings to imagination what manna from heaven would taste like. Traditionally, these sesame balls are deep fried, but I make them into slightly flattened patties and pan fry with less oil. Picture to come. I did not use sesame seeds in my personal recipe because we have a sesame allergy in the house. They were delicious!

8.5 ounces glutinous rice flour (found at Asian grocery stores)
1 large sweet potato - peeled, cooked tender, cooled and mashed
1 C sugar
5 ounces of water (more or less to reach desired consistency)
Oil for pan frying or deep frying
2 ounces sesame seeds (optional)

Combine glutinous rice flour, cooled mashed potatoes, sugar. Add water slowly.
Mix until the dough is no longer sticky in your hand. Should feel stretchy.

Divide into small balls and roll in sesame seeds if you are using them.

Deep frying:
Heat oil and fry until golden brown. Watch at all times.

Pan frying:
Flatten slightly and fry each side until golden brown. Watch at all times.

Serve as they are. Since we did not use sesame seeds, we sprinkled cinnamon sugar on top. Delicious!
Like manna from heaven!

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